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Are you one of those “CRAZY ONES”, who believe they can change the world?

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JOIN WFG/WSB in our mission of educating 1 million families in financial strategies and financial solution to help improve their personal finance knowledge and become their own money manager.

We are living in a world of uncertainty…a world that is changing in unpredictable ways, and so is our financial future.

Are you at risk for companies layoffs…outsourcing jobs…government furloughs…hiring freeze?

We live in one of the world’s wealthiest countries, but yet many live paycheck to paycheck. Any temporary income loss will result cause major distress – not able to pay for bills, mortgage, food, utilities, etc.

Are you worry if you suddenly lose your income due to your employer’s uncertain financial situation?

The solution is simple…be prepared…have an emergency fund and always have another source of income.

No one has more interest in your money than YOU! Take control of your finance today and become you own money manager.


Get educated in personal finance concepts…Live below your meansMake more moneyProtect your incomeInvest and build wealth.


Do you want better ways to save and invest your money? Or save up money for your dream homes, dream cars, dream vacation? Be debt-free, mortgage-free, student loan-free? Do you want to be financial independent?

Did you know with 0.04% interest rate your bank is giving you, it will take 1,800 YEARS to double your money? How many double do you want in this lifetime.

With your current job situation, how many years will you be debt-free, mortgage-free or financial independent?

When you work super hard for your boss, do you get rewarded with special trips to exotic destinations? or do you get a raise? If you do get a raise, how big was the raise?

Is you year-end bonus so small that you didn’t realized you received one until you boss mentioned it to you?


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